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About Marty Bogoratt

I have been committed to representing exclusively Tenants since 1990. License number 01074772 (note how low the number is!) Graduating with a BS in Marketing from CSUN I choose a boutique company that dedicated its efforts to representing Tenants.  At that time, in 1990, this was one of the few Real Estate companies that were true Tenant Advocates. We never represented the Landlords side of the negotiation. We had the mission statement that “chooses to defend and protect the Tenants side of the negotiation.” I carried that belief throughout my career in Real Estate.

I have personally worked on deals as large as 100,000 square feet to 1000 square feet. I have represented almost every type of real estate transaction there is.  Experience comes with effort, practice and focus on the details.  The size of the deal always drives the length of the transaction; however, the bottom line economics is more acutely felt for the business of 1000 square feet vs. 100,000 square feet even though the process is roughly the same.

Representation means intimate concern for the details and how they may adversely affect a business and its operation.  For well over 20 years I have been dedicated to solving the needs of my clients.  Their lease is the second largest fixed expense next to Employees. Every single penny saved is more money for profit or other bills. I openly ask you for your business and trust.

The Landlord has a skilled team to represent their interest.  It starts with the Lawyer who drafted their lease, the CPA that instructs how much to charge, the Broker and his agents who lease the space. They all work directly or indirectly for the Landlord.  WHO-REALLY IS REPESENTING YOU? I am a true advocate.