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with the best economics and lease language protection while utilizing you and your staff’s time is done with efficiency. There is a meeting of the minds with you and your staff to harvest your current and future business needs. At this meeting your company's needs and wants are identified. Most business's have 80% of the same basic needs. The location, the price, the layout, the time to make it happen and the protection from future changes are inherent in every deal. The custom issues will be discovered during the process. Some questions asked unfolds new needs: after hour air conditioning, food resources, who your clientele is and what image the space needs to reflect to your clientele. How the location may affect where your employees live, how long does it take to get to work, are you anticipating growth and if so, can the space handle it. Generally speaking, the first meeting is where I become part of your company, JUST NOT ON THE PAYROLL. I fully disclose all issues that may adversely affect you and your company. The key to what I do is ONLY possible because I don't represent the Landlord nor care about getting favorable listing agreements from the Landlord. You are my focus!


is a very sensitive process. Sometimes a tenant may feel that if they try to renegotiate their lease with assistance that might cause a conflict between the Landlord and Tenant's representative. The perception is a "Myth". Having the right representation allows a fair and meaningful negotiation. The Landlord will appreciate dealing with a professional who knows the industry.

When the Landlord sees my service as professional and focused on trying to retain you the Tenant in their building, they immediately see the value of working with me. Highlighting your company’s value to the Landlord equates to more money you will save. When renegotiations are done without professional assistance a large amount of available savings is lost (saved by the Landlord). It is easy to be taken for granted by the Landlord. After all, you have paid your rent for the last 3 to 5 years so why should they give you any concessions to stay, they think they already have you. The renegotiation with your existing Landlord needs ample time. First, we need to re-establish the vital income source you provide. A source of income that has been reliable. Second, The Landlord voluntarily offers financial incentives to new Tenants; they need to be as kind and benevolent to you. That is how they compete for new business. My goal is to adjust the way the Landlord views your business. Once, that is accomplished, then you will receive the financial incentives to stay in your space for additional 3 to 5 years. I have done hundreds of renegotiations while keeping a very good relationship with the Landlord through the process. It must be a "Win" "Win" negotiation. The Landlord will be happy to have the continued income stream, and you will enjoy the benefits readily offered to new and un-tested Tenants.


Great! Now what do you do? Expansion is a good thing, until the Landlord feels he "has you" over a barrel. When you expand, you want the favorable market rates and concessions being offered to new tenants. The expansion negotiation needs to be dealt with a high level of confidentially. A "Win-Win" agreement can ONLY be attained when the Landlord wants you more than you need to stay in the location. If both sides get close to what they want then there is "Win-Win" negotiation. The expansion process needs time to develop and a level of understanding of the Landlords needs. There are many costs that the Landlord saves when you expand. It is possible yet not given freely.


is it possible? If you are downsizing then it must be presented in a positive way to the Landlord. Generally speaking, the Landlord has you locked into a legal agreement to pay an agreed upon amount of rent. Why would a Landlord willingly reduce that amount? Keeping your business as a viable income source is what I do and I must "Sale" it to the Landlord. In today's crazy real estate and business market, downsizing may keep your business functional and still able to pay your rent. You have the payment history with your Landlord. I help create a solid message and develop reasons for the Landlord to work with you. When loosing rental income is more important to the Landlord and the option of chasing a Tenant for rent is presented in a time consuming way then a reasonable "NEW" deal can be developed.
It's easier than you think!

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The searching for new (office/commercial/retail) space is always an adventure. The process to find new space starts with identifying your current and future needs. Generally speaking, you want to budget two (2) months per 1000 square feet. There are many large and small issues that need to be dealt with. If you are going to be forced to move because your lease has expired, then the terms and conditions get reduced or left out. Once, I have that understanding I search the areas of interest for everything and anything that may fulfill your criteria. I reduce the search results into a short list of properties that fulfill a high of 80% of your established criteria's. A time is set to go look at the potential properties. The goal is for you to select from this property list at least 2-3 properties that you would be interested in. Now the negotiation starts. Multiple offers are drafted and submitted. The developments of the deal-points in the offer are prepared for your review. There are offers, counter offers and then draft leases. I work with your attorney regarding the lease language and deal point enforcement. The tenant improvement and occupancy is then monitored. The conclusion is your "move in date" is planned and realized. Your company is on schedule and the down time is minimal.


When you use a Broker who does not take any listings from Landlords, then you know you are working with a Broker who represents truly your interest. Inherently, 95% of the Commercial Real Estate Brokers represent the Landlord. (You see their company signs on the buildings they represent) When you walk into a building by yourself, the Broker simply becomes friendly and wants to find you the "right" new space. You have seen Real Estate Companies and Broker's names change on buildings, how do you think they get new listings? Spending the Landlord's money keeping Tenants happy, or saving the Landlord from giving money to you? Makes sense to the Landlord. A good broker charges the most that can be charged to the Tenant. They simply show you the space in the building they represent first, (because they get paid a larger commission) or they take you to a building they have been trying to get a listing from. The Landlord will reward the broker with a new listing. You may not see the building that would really work for you, and how would you know differently?


First, similar to a Residential real estate transaction there is a commission paid by "owner of the house” the Seller; just think of the Landlord as the seller and he pays his Broker a fixed commission to lease space. That commission is paid to the Landlord's Broker who splits it with the other Broker who represented the new Tenant. Unless there is no representation, then that Broker keeps the full commission. (That is what drives the industry) That means if you go direct and use the Landlords broker to represent you they get a full commission. The cost to you could be the amount of money left on the table, the attorney bill to negotiate the lease (minimum estimated $2,000 or more); sometimes you might have to pay for additional tenant improvements. My service is free to you.


Working with your attorney, lease language is amended to bring fairness to a lease written for the Landlord by his attorney. Imagine that you signed a lease in a building that was purchased in 1970. Now the building is sold for 8 times its old value. What do you think the new property tax bill will be; more or less than it was in 1970? Now, who do you think the Landlord wants to pay that increase?


That would be me. Marty Bogoratt here to serve you. Just fill out the brief information in the contact form, schedule an appointment and let’s get started. The first step is done, you are here. My attorney has always repeated this short verse, "Don't call me after you sign a document, call me BEFORE." Well, not to repeat myself, but YOU ARE HERE. For more than 20 years, I have represented such a vast range of Tenant's that I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge to help you. A true advocate is one who cares truly about you. I am that person. Money is the motivator in all Businesses; however, I get paid no matter which building you choose. I have no loyalties to the Landlord, but I do believe in a "Win-Win" negotiation. The Landlord has a skilled team to represent their interest. You deserve the same.

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